Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Resolved. (progress report)

The original post.

Where I stand...

*I don't always answer my phone anymore. New challenge... don't always respond to SMS immediately. A girl's gotta learn to be unavailable sometimes. Status: Good

*I have returned to Monday Modern Dance and continue to enjoy positive results: better balance, stronger feet, increased flexibility and rhythm.
Status: Excellent

*Debt continues to shrink - 13% less than when I started in October.
Status: Good

*I have not been attending the UU at all - busy or sick - it just hasn't been the priority it was before the new year. Status: Poor

*My knitting was moving forward, but got derailed in March (like sooooo many other things in my life). I completed 2 cable knit scarves, began another more difficult cable knit scarf and almost finished a sweater vest (still have to get back to the edging). Now that I know the gender of my dear friend's baby to be, I can start knitting little sweaters and booties and blankets in boyish tones. Although I have to make SOMETHING pink. Boys really need to be comfortable in pinks - so damn flattering... that and lavender. I love a man in lavender. Status: Good, Then Stagnant

*I'm comfortable with the amount of externalizing I do... I have probably started to internalize more with all the changes. Status: Good

*I have yet to make it down to my gym. But I have been doing the yoga at night as well as sit ups, stretches and walking. Status: Moderate

*Oil change. Yeah... it was overdue for a change in December. I JUST got it done this weekend... I don't drive much, but its still no excuse. What IS an excuse is that my mechanic only works on weekdays, is 40 minutes away and was booked in December. I hate the overpriced Lube joints and don't know who I'd go to locally. Somehow, my $15 oil change was $50 at the 10 minute place. I hate that. Status: Poor

Over all, I think I'm doing well towards my goals. Trying hard to keep up with things I procrastinate on: taxes (done), car registration (to be sent in next paycheck), eye exam (later this month), and bills bills bills - it costs alot to live, doesn't it?

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