Sunday, February 27, 2011


When most people create their 30-something fitness goal, it seems that it always includes running and ends in "-thon."

So not my style.

But yoga is my style and I'm at the point where strength is my greatest hurdle.
I also realized that I am a frustrated acro/gymnast/balancing artist.
With barely any balance to speak of.

I looked into finding a suspended yoga class, but alas, there are none that were easily found. What I found was aerial silks.

I've been at it since mid-January. We do it when we can, since the teacher is a medical resident and has a wonky schedule. But I love the class and it's motivation for building strength. I'm not too terribly impressive, but I'm learning...


Wrapping for something called "Man in the Moon"

Hip lock...


Crazy, right?

You all can keep your "-thons," I prefer to defy gravity.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I actually finished something!

Apparently I need an external goal to urge me forward these days. Something akin to, "yoga - on Friday." I finished these Thursday and packed them up to wear the next day.
I really love these. And tried my hand at a self-portrait the mimics those in the pattern book.

I admit that I am quite self-conscious about my legs. Strong and flexible as they are, they just don't quite look the way I'd like them to. It was a big step to willingly photograph and post these. But the final piece was so lovely, it eclipsed the concern I had that you'd all be judging my cankles. Please don't judge my cankles.

I did indeed start the Lunisolar legwarmers Thursday evening. They look beautiful so far, and the yarn is a joy to work with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the universe thrust some lovely red Madeline Tosh merino yarn in front of me and I did not ignore it.

I finished my dove grey legwarmers tonight, and love them so much that I decided to go ahead and knit another pair (I do attend two, sometimes three, yoga classes a week). Both pair come from my current pattern book of choice, Knitted Socks East and West.

So I will meditate on the coming year as I knit and send thought of luck, love, and abundance to all those I know and love.