Monday, April 28, 2008

Circus Peanut - be afeared no longer

In college I worked in the costume shop for a designer who was wonderfully eccentric - right down to having a Circus Peanut Phobia.

Now... how one cultivates a Circus Peanut Phobia, I have no idea.
They're not exactly around every corner - you don't run into them on endcaps at the grocery or trip on them at the Quickie Mart.

They usually have to be to sought out, requested, ordered online.

So I have fondness for the Circus Peanut, because I thought if I ever needed to bend her to my will, I was fairly certain I could do so with the humble orange marshmellowie peanut.

Imagine my glee when I found Bent Objects blog - he seems to have a fondness for orange foods and wonderful series of Circus Peanuts doing what they must do in the wild.

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