Monday, April 14, 2008

She called me a dancer

I totally needed my dance class tonight. I was full of the nervous energy that come from things unresolved and needed to focus my thoughts on something minute, technical and subtle.

We've started repeating combinations, letting me think more about the details you can never consider when learning a new movement: where my spine is, how my foot completes the line and which muscles to engage to keep my balance in tilts and turns.

I love when you can get to point where the end of one movement is the beginning of another, there's a flow there that only comes from a solid understanding of your body in three dimensions.

As I was leaving, I got a complement that may change the way I think about my body - she was relating a conversation she had that referred to me, "I know this dancer..."
Me - a dancer.
And tonight, I was.
I attacked the movements and anchored my center. I was quick and precise and consistent.
I wasn't playing at dance, I was dancing.

So yeah, I'm a dancer.

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