Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shakespeare's Snacks

I was at Playhouse Square today - bastion of culture, long-standing arts institution and temple of muses.

La Boheme, All's Well That Ends Well, various choral concerts were all in attendance. People were dressed in their best and prepared to soak in the culture.

... and eat...

hot pretzels.

Outside the Ohio Theatre, currently showing the Crucible and AWTEW in repertory, they sell coffee, tea and... hot pretzels.
I mean, there was machine with a rotating pretzel holder thingie and everything.
It had a heat lamp.

I was so taken by the cognitive dissonance (and hungry - I was working, not soaking in art) that I had to have one.

It's like when someone from Parma gets all obsessed with sushi at the Jake... I mean Pro..Prog.... the ballpark - I get obsessed with hot pretzels at classic theater.

It was pretty good, too.

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