Sunday, January 13, 2008


As you can tell, I'm a few weeks behind the curve with the holidays.
So here I am on January 13, making resolutions...

I don't normally make resolutions, since I usually don't keep them, so perhaps this process of waiting a few weeks is a healthy one, as I'm resolving to continue to do things I've already started doing anyway.

Here goes nothing.
Resolved. In 2008, I will...
*not feel obligated to always answer my phone.
*continue to attend my modern dance class and not use the Film Fest as an excuse to get out of habit (although I will likely skip a class for the festival).
*continue to get out debt (I have no choice, I'm on a plan).
*continue to attend UU services when in town on weekends.
*continue to try new - challenging - knitting projects.
*seriously consider keeping my internal monologue INTERNAL.
*make my way down jenky-ass, tore up Euclid to attend a lunch-time Pilates class at the gym that's now near impossible to get to.
*change my oil when I'm supposed to, not 3-6 months later.

So there's a few things....

Fingers crossed.

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