Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cambridge Graffiti

Right before the holidays, there was a news story about drawings of penguins found in a basement at Cambridge by Shackleton and Scott.

They reminded me a of photo I took of a corner where someone had scratched directions to the river Cam in the medieval maze of the city. My guess is that someone wrote that years ago, and generations later, there has always been a punter with a piece of chalk ready to carry on the tradition of directing people to the river.

Something about this graffiti is charming... maybe its the ephemeral nature of the medium? Maybe the simplicity and sincerity of the message? Or perhaps the priority these otherwise brilliant minds seem to place playfulness...

If you get to Cambridge and love a good graffito, don't miss these and The Eagle Pub where the RAF soldiers all left their marks in soot on the ceilings during air raids.

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