Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I park in a garage at work. I like to take the spots at the corners and back in like a well-greased eel. It pleases me to negotiate this bit of choreography.

It's challenging - but not too challenging - at 8:30 am, except this morning when I heard that sickening "crunch."

There are pilasters that stick out about 8 inches - normally they simply add to the challenge of understanding your existence in a three dimensional space.
Today - they clawed my car.

I've had my car 2.2 years...
I should have expected a ding, a gash, a loss of paint at some point.

My last car looked like it had seen a war zone. I ran it through parking lot arms, took it off-road in Arizona to get to a trail-head, got it stuck in April mud in rural Ohio. It was broken into FOUR TIMES. It got sideswiped by a City of Cleveland snowplow - the mirror destroyed, the hubcap in a pile of snow 2 blocks down and tremendous gash along the side. The lock on the passenger side dangled like a sad broken limb until one day, it fell off.

So I was glad to get a new car. I pretty, unspoiled car.


Nothing lasts forever...

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