Monday, May 28, 2007

An Elegy for an Automobile (March 2006)

it's super smelly in tremont tonight... so here's an elegy to ponder while i inhale microscopic mittal death

Lolita - Beloved car...
Feb'y 1998, Tempe, AZ - March 2006, Cleveland, OH

You were a good car.
A trooper.
Your chassis held true.
You carried me back from Arizona and delivered me into the rolling hills of Vermont.
You squired me to weddings and funerals, anniversaries and birthdays.
Ever vigilent you were.
You rarely broke down (technically only 3 times...4 if you count the time I left the cap off the radiator... sorry about that...).
And you always waited until I was off the highway to really get screwy...

But near the end, your engine ran hot.
You developed a taste for Dex-Cool that could not be quenched.
Your internal combustion became too much and eventually, dear Lo, you hemorraged.

O my dearest darling Lo! How I will miss your dedicated ways.
Your scar from the snowplow.
Your missing lock.
The wound above your windshield - it was so late and we were so stuck in that parking lot... we had no choice but to rev the engine and ram the gate.
You were my chariot and I miss you so.

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