Saturday, May 19, 2007

If DaVinci had photographed me.

I worked with a number of excellent and prolific artists when I lived in Arizona. Among them was Julie, who was doing alot of work based on traditional mythologies. Unfortunately, I have lost track of many of these individuals, including her (the state and the line of work were both filled with nomads easily lost).

But I recently came upon this this photo she took. It was sometime in 1998 - taken with a Polaroid instant camera. She was doing a piece that included Lachesis and Atropos and wanted a refererence for flowing hair. So we tried a number of ways to capture hair in motion... swinging my head, hanging the hair downward, lying down with hair spread out... and this was one of the "failures." But the motion created such beautiful abstraction and the chiaroscuro is amazing.

I don't know if the piece was ever finished, or the hair properly captured... but I've always loved this photograph.

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