Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's in my blood

So my dad does art too. Except he would never say he does. He would say he's a craftsman. He has, at various times in his life been a: carpenter, painter, basketweaver, and blacksmith. Metal is still the current medium of choice.

Every year, Eikona Studios in Tremont holds an "Auction for the Artists." They clear out the scaffolding and icons and gather work from local artists for this annual event. I worked with them a couple of years ago, and thought it would be a great way to get my dad to see his art sold as ART. Which happens... every year. But I think he still doubts it... esp. when he sees similar things for sale at Home Depot for less than what it costs him to buy the steel. Anyway, here is a clip of the auction from December, 2006, which happens to be a Polish eagle my dad created based on the crest at Sokolowski's University Inn.

Neighbor Joe is the auctioneer, Neighbor Tim is the guy showing it off.

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