Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The City Through Haiku (May 2003)

The City was grand;
yet a bit overwhelming.
Mem'ry misserved me.

Concrete was too rough.
Neon obscured evening stars.
Spring peepers are missed.

Yet, high energy.
Diversity surrounds me.
I'm in the Machine.

They brought us to Queens.
It was beautful.

Then subway ennui -
much too close to your neighbors.
Not much is hidden.

Next day to Brooklyn.
See friends, shopping, and noodles.
It threatened to rain.

Then subway hubris -
"Sorry, but yo' card don't work."
No mercy for me.

The problem is solved.
Meeting Cathy for sushi,
red bean ice cream, mmmmm....

Saturday came quick.
Guggenheim for three hours -
Matthew Barney rocks.

The Met impresses,
I critique artifact mounts.
No one is perfect.

Hot Jazz with dinner.
Cultural elite nod heads
with rhythm - drink wine.

I had to get out.
It's too much affectation.
But the pie was good.

My last night in town.
I'm asleep by eleven.
It's fine to be square.

Sunday, go shopping.
Meet Jude. Museum of Sex.
There's not enough time.

I pack to go home.
Second Ave. to hail a cab.
Adventure is done.

Short flight to Akron.
Can't wait to sleep in my bed.
I miss my backyard.

1 comment:

jude said...

Ah sweet mem'rys:)

Is it psycho of me to say...
I love you so...much...it HURTS!!
Well, fuck it then, I DO.