Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where have I been?

For a number of years, I worked at University Circle, and came to have a varied and full series of day-dreams regarding the "Center for Structural Biology." I can't find a decent photo of it, but it was a repurposed furniture building, painted red with abstract metal shapes on the sides.

You could never see what it was they were doing in there, other than cultivating an air of mystery.
I never knew anyone who worked there, but I often fantasized that they had to be brilliant and were in all ways more evolved and fascinating than the average person.

At one point, I decided my future my somehow was intimately connected to that building and those within it (and there is no logical reason for me to think that, by the way) so imagine my sadness and chagrin when I saw it had been razed!

I've called a number of friends who work at Case, and they weren't sure what I even talking about (!)

I was REALLY upset - like some prophecy gone unrealized or potential wasted.
And everytime I drive by, I get a rush of sadness and confusion.

But I'm happy to report that have a new building (ok, so they got it in 2005, like the title says, Where has I been?)

It's newer, and I'm sure they can do a lot more structural biology, but I just can't tap my fantasy life into it - It was truly bound up in the old building.



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