Thursday, July 5, 2007

so yeah, fireworks

see - i deliver when I want to.

if you can only make one fireworks display in northeast ohio, i highly recommend the display at lakewood park.
first off, they spend an inordinate amount of money to put it on (suggested expenditures ranged from $20,000 to $30,000 to $60,000 and increased proportionately to the amount of beer being imbibed.)

second, the entire free world appeared to be in attendance.
maybe even some of the not-so-free-world.

anyhoo - it was damn enjoyable.

i never cease to be amazed at fireworks - they're pretty multi-sensory:
the colors, the brightness, the percussion of the explosions and that fizzlie sound at the end.
and of course the smell.

and i love that the amazement spans all ages and interests - no matter how green-skinned from lack of daylight or how computer/tv bound you are, you're probably stepping outside when you hear that sound.

i still can't believe how many people there were at the park.
when asked how many people i thought there were, my response was,
"all of them"

i told my friend that this is what they'd be up against in a large-scale evacuation.
but it was a excellent mob, as mobs go
they moved at a good clip, no trampling.

i would be comfortable with that mob.

so yeah, lakewood fireworks - extremely good.


Damien said...

Really nice description and blog. I came here through Baikatis' blog. Keep up the good work.

sarah said...

Thanks! I'll try to update more often - damn this excellent weather :)