Sunday, July 15, 2007

my favorite 14

For those with even a low to middlin' interest in celebutards, tanarexics or merged names (TomKat, Brangelina...) check out Gallery of the Absurd for a low-brow snicker and good art.

She's a witty lass, that 14, and has a series currently featuring celebrity moms - here's a detail of the Candy Spelling image... subject aside, I frickin' LOVE this froggie. I don't know if it's the Marty Feldman eyes, the fifties flip, the crown or the Hapsburg chin(s), but the idea of an amphibian on my shoulder to guide us is somewhat intriguing.

A fairy god-froggie?
A froggie conscience?
A froggie for all seasons?
Froggie... on my shoulder... makes me happeeeee (thanks to J. Denver)

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