Thursday, July 19, 2007

From Springfield

Watch it Lisa, I played baritone sax AND graduated a year early.

Go Isotopes!


Jim said...

Yay bari sax! I played bari and tenor in school. I still play tenor, but not owning a bari makes it difficult to keep in practice. :-)

sarah said...

my question is, how much neck and shoulder damage did we sustain carrying those bohemoths around. i MARCHED with that beast. but I loved playing bass riffs in jazz band (such a nerd...)

Jim said...

I only ever marched with the tenor (wanted to march with the bari; band director said no), so I probably got away without too much damage. Bari in jazz band was definitely the awesomeness, though.

sarah said...

I marched with it in the
(wait for it... wait for it)

That's right -
4 weeks of teenage hormones, Sousa marches and carnival food, all within spitting distance of the sheep barns (and OSU... is there difference?)

We did an AWESOME arrangement of "Stairway to Heaven" with killer tenor sax solo (alas, me on bari, never did it)