Wednesday, July 18, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

I also picked up this book at the CPL booksale - again, not sure how I'm finding time to enjoy it, but I promised myself I'd savor it, if only for these references...

Scientific America, Horn & Hardart, The Fox Sisters, blind pigs and speakeasies, quaint sexual euphamisms like... "Mina sounded close to her crisis," French terms of endearment and oyster bars.

Because oysters were the french fries of the early 20th century... a concept I've always loved.

Definitely recommended reading for a cool October evening.

UPDATE: My initial ardour for this book has cooled significantly. I think I was so giddy from the rarely-made references, that I saw past the moment when the story began to fall apart.

But the first half or so is still good, but the ending sort of tumbled into uncertain confusion.

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