Thursday, June 21, 2007

My need for speed

When it comes to transporation, I usually like to amble... kayaking, sailing, punting, hiking, biking etc... I'm not into X-treme anything, really.

But this last week, I had the opportunity to experience some serious speed and I LOVED IT.
I'm almost ashamed at how much I loved it.

Last night was more low key than my first encounter - I got to ride... not shotgun... but whatever the passenger on a scooter is called. And it was AWESOME. Totally loved it. I can only imagine a motorcycle...

But the true speed experience came last Sunday. I was guest at a house on one of the bays in Marblehead and they had some serious water toys. The boat was out of commission, but there were three jet skis ready to go.

As a kayaker/sailer/swimmer I usually hate jet skis - many don't have experience on the water other than jet skis, they don't always understand the rules of water traffic, and - as the fastest and most nimble watercraft - its up to them to give way to those without the same control - but they rarely do.

But holy hell are they fun... I got the smaller, older one up close to 50mph... it definitely bucked against the waves and wakes - almost jumping over them... but the real fun was the big new gleaming beast of a machine... i would maybe call it an "overcompensator" -

truly, on that thing, my testosterone levels increased at least 50%. I got it up to 60mph and it sliced through the waves like a hot knife through soft butter. For about an hour afterwards... and occasionally when I have a little reverie about it - I feel like a motherfucking badass.

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