Thursday, June 14, 2007

in the meantime - something to listen to

it's a busy week at work - so not so much to post (although I have been working on a couple of heart pieces - I'll scan those soon).

but here's what I've been listening to while i work...
and this too.

UPDATE: click on "radio" link - or itunes under "eclectic"... is it wrong that one of my favorite songs is gavin friday's rendition of a dirty dirty sea chanty baltimore whores...? so glad the ambient noise of the office obscures the lyrics...

the only negatives are: Byrne's changes monthly - so it repeats every 2 hours - which is ok if you like his current playlist and are prone to repetition (as i am).

radio paradise is dj mixed, and some i prefer some over others - but in general it's pretty good.

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