Sunday, June 10, 2007

2 tragedies to add to the thousands

in the past week, two family friends were killed by sniper fire in iraq - two separate incidents - two wonderful men - two families sit at home with their grief.

the most recent one was 23 - he was a neighbor - he used to hit golf balls into our garden.

my dad would swear when he'd run over them with the lawnmower.

i remember when he was born - i was young, but old enough to hold him.

and his parents got a visit in the middle of the night last night - two soldiers with a terrible duty - a message and a flag to deliver.

its the stuff of a military parents' nightmare visions - and i'm sure they're brokering deals with the universe as we speak for it all to be terrible misunderstanding - that it was someone else - some other son.

eric should have come home whole.

bruce, too.

and countless others as well.

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