Sunday, March 9, 2008

well, that was a bit premature

UPDATE: Car in valet, day 5.
I missed the festival last evening to wait for the website to acknowledge my submission, so I got caught a ride out and back in to work today.
Get my car tonight -
Lucky pampered car.
5 days and 4 nights at the Ritz.

turns out I was done with winter, but Cleveland wasn't.

I just spent about 60 hours in Tower City.

Friday a.m. I went to Tower City to work the Film Fest.
On a whim, I packed a bag with some extra clothes and necessary things, since it was all doom and gloom about the storm.
I guess they weren't lying.
I valeted at the attached hotel, and worked my 13 hour shift.
I stayed there that night, only to be told that it was going to get worse the next night...
so I worked a 14 hour shift and stayed again.

i called a neighbor, and he said the street was horrible, a bus stuck and cars snowed in along the curb -

i was lucky enough to get a ride home after a shorter day (only 11 hours - woo hoo!)
and left my car - again - at the hotel.

but the Film Fest is going great - 3,000 people yesterday (amazing!)

let's hope i can get (and park) my car tomorrow evening -
here's to warm melting thoughts.


Anonymous said...

You got a ride home in that blizzard? You lucky girl!

sarah said...

not so much IN the blizzard, but following.

Good friends are like the rarest winter truffles served on a platinum charger embedded with conflict-free diamonds.

be good to them.
make them dinner.
buy them a beer.
fluff a pillow or two.

they're worth it.