Saturday, March 22, 2008

Casualties of Fluchitis: Day 6 - DRY

Despite drinking oodles water and juice
Despite the humidifiers and baths
Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be 70% water
There is a 20 lb ball of dessicated phlegm where my heart should be


Anonymous said...

Wow. I

Despite having heard about your illness in prior days...I might suggest that "too much information" is not limited to the sexual arena but might also cover the symptoms of sickness...

sarah said...

So sorry anonymous.
You don't want to hear about the bits of organic matter I continue to wretch up??
Or the way that inhaled air felt like a serrated knife on my nasal passages??
Or the nausea and vomiting caused by post-nasal drip into my upper GI?
You don't want to hear about that?
Anonomice don't get sick?
Of all the ways I could express my misery, thought it was somewhat poetic.