Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny day sewing

One of the positives/negatives of a job in the arts is the need to dress up for opening nights, galas, cocktails parties...
Positive... I get to DRESS UP. All those vintage shoes and fun jewelry get worn outside the house!
Negative... I have a non-profit arts administrator's salary.

We have a Gala ball coming up on April 12 and I swore I would make my own gown - not only to save dough, but to prove I could do it again.

A little background info - I worked in a costume shop all through college and spent a few years doing museum exhibition work specifically with clothing - period and modern - so I have a solid understanding of clothing construction.
However, I haven't made anything in donkey's years, so... nervous? Yes.
$100 of fabric stand between me and fab gown.

I chose this for my pattern - and have chosen a basic black crepe for the lining and black matte chiffon for the top layer.

Today I purchased the chiffon at Joann's (when I went to get it 3 weeks ago, they only had 2 yards, I needed 6), cut out the pattern and constructed the bodice - sort of.

As you can see its... um... low cut. Like "here's my breastbone, wanna touch it?" low cut.
Yeek. Not for work.
So I completed the two sides and will enlarge that little upside down keystone thing in the middle to ensure modesty.

I'm feeling quite smug about the whole thing - it looks far more difficult than it was, all the gathering and draping is grecian goddess at its best and the ruffle around the neck is decadent.

I'll post photos as it progresses - and progress it must, as this shindig is in two weeks and Cinderella needs her gown.

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