Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wanted: One life returned to normal

Every since the beginning the March, things have felt tumultuous.

Not in the big, bad life changing way, but in the little-things-add-up-over-time way.
Two big government grants in early March followed by the Film Fest being a week early.
Then the snow storm and the car inaccessible for 5 days.
And the 2 nights in a hotel that cost almost as much as a months' rent.
Followed by the week of horrendous sick and the malaise and feelings of depression that came with it.
And then I found out the company I'm working with to get my debt in order took March dollars and dispersed them in February, leaving a March payment undpaid and sending mean letters to my mailbox.
This also meant I had to shell out more cash - something I'm in short supply of.
My gas bill was HUGE because my place is drafty and old (which is also why I love it) and I couldn't put it off any longer and the icing (literally) is that my furnace appears to have stopped working and those I would ask to fix it appear to be out of town.

But I don't know that. So I feel out of control.
And I don't like to feel out of control.
Whether it be my health or my heat, I want to know that things will continue to work reasonably well and when they don't - that I have the tools to fix it right at hand.

But a headcold and a hard-to-reach furnace add up to one thing: WAIT.

So I wait and hope that in June, I'll barely remember the concerns that currently fill my days.

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