Friday, March 21, 2008

Casualties of Fluchitis: Day 5 - Fresh New Hell

I realize something like this has more umph when days 1-4 have been recorded, but if you’ve had fluchitis, or know someone stricken, you understand the absolute lack of energy and available umph for anything but general malaise.

let's count the fallen, shall we:
5 days of work.
1 sense of accomplishment.
2 12+ hour long stretches of time to sleep.
1 sleepless night.
2 boxes of tissues.
3 tubes of orange juice concentrate.
2 pineapples.
2 quarts strawberries.
2 pints blueberries.
2 many gallons of water to count.
1 sense of optimism that spring (the weather, not the concept) will come my way and bring with it CLEAR AIR PASSAGES.
2 bags gummi worms (don't ask).
1 bottle generic cough & cold (How can something be both a cough suppressant and an expectorant?)
1 box Alka Seltzer Cold Plus.
1 can of Lysol.
1 tube of Airborne, purchased pre-lawsuit.
Countless brain, skin, nose, throat and lung cells (seriously, I miss you all).
1 friendship (possibly 2, I get REALLY cranky and manic when I'm sick this long).
3 days with my family - not exposing mom and dad to this monstrosity, I don't care how dead Jeebus was and how not dead he became after a nap in a cave. Peeps or no peeps, I'm staying home.
2.5-year long streak of not having a cold.
1 over-used phrase, "I never get sick."

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