Monday, September 10, 2007

The Perfect Shoe (Lady Post)

UPDATED UPDATE: I came to work at 8:30... it was 10 when I posted... I'm not *that* spoiled.
Almost 5 - haven't kicked them off under the desk yet.
I am beyond pleased... and way too into these shoes.

UPDATE: 10:30 am... marched into work in wellies (it's RAINING) and switched into The Perfect Shoe. I swear to God, I could run a marathon.
If running marathon means going downstairs to Starbucks for tea.
I plan on doing a 500 meter along the corridor of the office at 4pm to test the long-term wearability of The Perfect Shoe.

Carry on.

We like our options.

Sure, we'll try to make a silk boyfriend out of sow's ex... or something... but the shoe has to be nothing less than PERFECT from day one.

Otherwise... it's
too pointy or
too square or
not pointy enough or
too shiny or
too matte or
too patent-y,
you know...

But I found The Perfect Black Shoe, purchased yesterday at Ann Taylor

If any of you EVER hear me say ANYTHING about not having the "right shoe" feel free to pick up the shoe and put out an eye.
My eye, I mean,
for being a whiny, spoilt prat with skewed priorities and a subscription to Vogue.

I appreciate it.

In the meantime, I'll be prancing around downtown in my perfect shoes, gleefully tossing my tam, balancing on fountains with a sassy twinkle in my eye and other standard-issue young-thing-in-the-city attitudes I could potentially strike.

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Carol said...

That is a gorgeous shoe! Love.