Monday, September 17, 2007


this weekend I (in no particular order)
Saw "The Brave One"
Ate pulled pork
Went to the Tremont Arts Fest, purchased art
Went to Stan Hywet
*Played in treehouses
*Ate apples from the tree and grapes from the vine
*Played with butterflies
*Walked alot
Went to the West Point Market
*Drank wine
*Ate the best chicken pot pie ever
Made chocolate zucchini bread
Went back to the arts fest
Watched the Up Ensemble play hot jazz
Went BACK to the arts fest again, purchased MORE art
Went to Lolita and ate cured meats and fancy pizzas with a he-harem
Went to Scoops for ice cream sandwiches with aforementioned he-harem
Skipped and

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