Saturday, August 25, 2007

Naps make it better

Friday was my 18th day straight of working (or 19th, but who's counting)...

We had 2 weekends of shows that I had to work.
Generally, the shows are broken up over the week, Wed'y/Fri/Sun
or something similar.
But not this run.

Plus our biggest, newest grant was turned in yesterday, the one from funds generated by a cigarette tax.
No one can say how much or how little we're potentially up for, so many unknowns make it scary.

To compensate for all the busy, I've been going out ALOT after work.

Feeling o so cosmopolitan, but its catching up with me today.
I've discovered a fondness for Hendrick's gin and flirting.
Both are utterly exausting if experienced in excess.

So naps and trolling the interweb.

New obsession, the NY Mag Look Book archives.
I know NYC would be too expensive and too hard given my present circumstances, but I see these people and their ability to simply BE in a city that encourages creativity and I wonder who I would become in an environment like that.

Not that Tremont isn't lovely, but I don't think you could get away with this or that.

Too bad.

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