Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't throw it out!

As much as they always tell you
"If you haven't worn it in a year,
(or 6 months, or 2 years, or a decade)
then get rid of it!"


I bought a black sweater vest last month.
And only now am I getting to wearing a pair of
white suede buck shoes that I bought in...


These shoes are twelve year old, people.


If they were a person, they'd have public hair and heads full of self-doubting akwardness and algebra I.

So I say DO NOT THROW IT OUT if it's something you swear you'll wear.

Let it bide its time and promise you'll...
lose the 10 lbs
see the fashion come back
find a reason and a season to wear it again.

I can't imagine how disappointed I'd be if I had the vest but no bucks.

PLUS the black and white diag striped skinny tie purchased 5 years ago at the thrift...
it's a whole Patricia-Fields-does-country-club-causal-but-kind-of-mod thing.

v. cool.

Update: What are bucks?

Classic summer men's shoes of the early to mid twentieth century.


Anonymous said...

What is a buck? confused. KT....also, still don't know why this site is in French! (just the comment portion.)

sarah said...

that is SO WEIRD! I wonder if you have kooky settings so you can read it a la francais... I'm really not that cool that I can have any part of my silly little blog in French... hmmmm... let's blame the boy and his computer tinkering, shall we.