Tuesday, August 7, 2007

mish mash

a few things:
I changed out my iPod mini battery last night - v. proud because it required sharp tools and the removal of and dilly dallying with the motherboard.
I know less than nothing about electronics (it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to power up my first laptop... and other 5 years to learn that you say "power up" as opposed to "turn on")

Even though there is still one sad little responsibility for my last job, I am pretty much officially done with my previous job, I have a solid understanding of my current gig and I have no more outstanding obligations like, say, a wedding or something.

Today I actually left work at 5, went to the gym and got to listen to my iPod for longer than 2 songs (because somehow I managed to not completely fuck up the motherboard).

I cooked an awesome dinner with whole fresh raw food materials, with the exception of frozen fish.
I used herbs and lettuces and tomatoes from my garden (full disclosure, the only tomatoes that have successfully grown self-seeded from last years crop, and I only just noticed them last week... lame? Totally).

I've got healthy lunches planned and packed and I'm doing laundry at a reasonable rate instead of the once a month wash-a-thon of desparation.

and dishes done.

all i need is to change my sheets, take a lush bath (I'm thinking Avobath or maybe Youki-Hi...) and crack my book.

'night all!


Kimberly said...

I suspect you would do laundry at a better rate if it weren't for the baby machines down stairs monopolizing the machines. I am happy to hear that you are well.

sarah said...

ah yes... but i find my change of schedule makes for better accessibility. and I thank the heavens for the AC unit that has silenced the sex sounds coming out into alley that seems to increase the volume of all things acoustic.