Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Inattentive Jackass Day, y'all!

4 people standing in front of my car chatting as I tried to leave the parking garage.
10+ cars coming at me in the middle or wrong lane - fast - as I tried to leave the parking garage.
Too many to count slow drivers milling around 15 minutes after the game started downtown.
1 pissed off aging hipster man-child who parked his bike about 3 feet into the drive that leads to my parking lot.
Pissed off because I honked to let him know I was there and didn't want to hit his aging hipster man-child bike.

Apparently being attentive is perceived as aggressive.
Not understanding how you relate to your surround environs is the new thing, man.

I was expecting a wave and a nod and him moving his bike closer to the building.
Not "What's your problem!" yelled at me across Professor.

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR.
Next time I'll hit it.

'cause that would be more rock & roll, right?

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