Thursday, August 2, 2007

I have a problem

UPDATE: Behold! The feather shoe.
Created to distract me from writing a now long-forgotten final paper from some class that was vaguely important and that I am still paying for with student loans and will be for years to come.

Whadya think, appropriate for the rehearsal dinner?

These hold more than a little meaning for me, as days after completing them, my apartment caught fire.
And now it (and I) have dusted off the ashes and moved forward to better things.

Phoenix feather shoes? hmm... pretty hokey.
but I dig the concept.
and the shoes.

back to original post.

...speaking of consumerist mindsets...

I'm going away for 4 days.
f. o. u. r.

I have packed 6 pairs of shoes.
s. i. x.

3 JUST for the wedding.
Elle McPherson 2004-Met-Chanel-Gala-Rhinestone flat sandals?
Carrie Bradshaw Sex-and-the-City-you'll-put-an-eye-out-if-you're-not-careful lavendar-hued silver stilettos?
Amy Sedaris Dotty-Fifties-Housewife-reimagined-through-modern-ironic-sensibilities moss-green velvet heels with purple and black costume jewels and hot pink silk mini-bow mules?


i need to need less options.

p.s. ditching the stilettos, going with sandals... or dotty mules.

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