Monday, September 22, 2008

You who knows love

Tonight, watching a rehearsal for Marriage of Figaro, I read the supertitles for my favorite aria, Voi che sapete and was surprised at the universality of human emotion, namely, love and loss. 250 years ago, it was the same thing...

We all think our experience is uniquely ours and the pinnacle of being.
Alas, those who have gone before have already loved as deeply and lost as much.

Even post-modern Euro-trash conceptualism can't mask the universality.


Craft Supply Junkie said...

Hah, you found one of my favorite youtube-ed versions! It's a great aria, funny how opera still resonates with what we face today

sarah said...

She's a wonderful mezzo, and I love her look.

I get so delighted when I come upon a poem or story or song that is completely removed from modern times, but that resonates with something I recently experienced.

It reminds me that humanity is one big ball of emotion and that there's a wealth of comprehension out there that I should tap into more than I do now. Our inheritance, as it were.