Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tonight I went to Lago in Tremont.

I always, ALWAYS forget about this place.
It was MoJo when I moved here, became Theory (which I loved loved loved, especially for the raw bar) and then closed.

I was working out of an office in that building when Lago was moving in and I took offense to their Painters' Tape Blue sign.

I've been there 3 times this summer - once for a birthday dinner (duck confit ravioli), once for pre-SATC happy hour (don't recall through haze of wine) and again tonight.

We did the Happy Hour at the bar: half price drinks and a decent wine list along with half price apps and salads.

We split the Arugula salad... melon, goat cheese and crispy prosciutto (plus if you say you're splitting, they'll even plate it up for 2 in the kitchen).
Next time I'll get one for myself.

We followed with the Tuna Carpaccio, which is just tuna tartare with an Italian name (but always a winner) and the Lago Pizza, a flatbread with smoked mozz, coppa and fresh tomatoes. This was SPECTACULAR, but only if you love salty crispy cured pork.

All told: 4 drinks and 3 plates was $48... not bad for a full belly, a satisfied palate and hell of a buzz on.

I need to remember not to forget this place, a mere block from home, next time I'm looking for a good, quick meal.

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