Monday, September 1, 2008

Bainbridge Scarf

When I was on a homespun yarn buying jag, I picked up this skein called "Prep School."
It was all rugby shirt colors: red & white and yellow & grey and yellow & red.
It was enough to make me get out my spankies, start an eight-count and do a Herkie.

Anyway, sometimes a colorway just doesn't knit up as well as you hope it will.

I chose Pepperknit's Bainbridge Scarf - easy and unique and good for about 100 yards of yarn.

So this was the first attempt.
See how pretty the ball is... I had such high hopes.

I thought maybe it would better if the colors were more closely stacked...


It'll still be winsome with a navy peacoat on a crisp fall day.

See how winsome (more the model than the scarf, natch).

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