Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tremont evening

Two weeks ago I came home from visiting my parents and just needed a beer.
Lucky for me, I live in the perfect neighborhood for an impromptu dinner with a neighbor on a cool spring evening.

This is why I love Tremont. I didn't need to schedule anything, move my car or get one of those buzzing pucks you get when you wait for a table at Olive-Lobster-Apple-TGIFrozenFood-igans.

St. John Cantius from a porch.

Radke Mural at on SouthSide patio (actually on Fairfield Market)

I used to work with a local iconographer - Eikona Studios - I saw the light was on and we stopped in to say hello.

Works in progress (I really miss the work - trying to see if I can come back to do some gold leafing...)

Overall a good night - a quiet night.
Sometimes it's hard to live in a neighborhood that's a destination, but that Sunday night, I remembered exactly why I've been here for almost a decade.


Alexa said...

icons!?! are you greek?

Laura said...

Hey! I know that porch!