Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saturday night I went to Prom.

It was the Beachland Ballroom's third annual prom event: all the kitchy fun without the crippling adolescent self-hatred.

We had a blast - most people showed up in prom attire - I went in tails and my friends all wore formal wear from past weddings, borrowed or thrifted vintage.

D went as far as to buy a corsage - THAT is dedication.

The tunes were mostly 50s and 60s rock - the only thing missing was some 80s tunes between live sets and a blue Olan Mills style background for photos.

Also, they had this guy perform wicked yo-yo tricks, and I'm proud to show off my camera's video capabilities.
Not entirely NSFW - Lots of drunk people saying "Fuck Yeah!" everytime he releases the yo-yo.

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