Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh Crap! Scarf

A friend moved to Boston last year to attend school and I SWORE I was going to knit her something this winter. She's incredibly generous (she brought me back a Sari-ish thing from India!) and I hit that "what can I possibly make her to show my appreciation" wall - which usually leads to unending procrastination.

I know it's far too late in the season (even for Boston) for woolly, but until I figure out how to make lace, woolly it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my own one skein wonder...
The "You mean she'll be here FRIDAY!!!" Scarf.


Lion Brand Thick and Quick
No. 17 needles
Basic cable knit

I'm still getting to know the camera, hopefully I can figure out a better balance between light and shadow so I can show off texture with more finesse.

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