Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An open letter to Fear

Fuck you, Fear.

Get the hell out of my life. You've caused enough damage.

You nudge your way in, find tight little places to hide and lurk in the darkest corners, so I can't see you. You arrive in stealth and justification - wearing a mantle Self-Preservation and Preparation.

But you're really just Fear.
Plain old ugly, manipulative, emotionally terrorizing Fear.

It's always the same with you isn't it. You arrive unannounced, and being good citizens, we invite you in - offer a cup of tea - indulge your whims, pamper you, feed you, let you take over our homes.
"Just be careful," you remind us.
"Don't get hurt," you whisper.
"Let someone else fail" you suggest.

It makes sense, at first. But then you always go too far. You make up stories and point out actions that may or may not be problematic. You tell lies about those closest to us and teach us to ignore the potential of those we've yet to meet with stories of unimaginable suffering. You remind us that we're not in control and blind us to the fact we are, indeed, responsible for our actions... and reactions.

But I've had it with you - too many have kept you around for too long.
You wreak havoc through paralyzing stalemates.
You hypnotize those who need a crutch to lean on in difficult times.
You're a leech - a harpy - a faceless horror that won't let things be.

Leave - NOW - and know that you are no longer welcome here.

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