Monday, April 6, 2009


Due to time and money constraints, I haven't traveled in about 4 years.
I have done day trips, spent a week on Kelley's Island, but no real travel in a while.
In 2005, I spent time in England, Florida, Arizona and California.

Then *poof* - homebody.

On Wed'y the Physicist and I leave for the Adirondacks, then a drive through VT and NH that will lead us to Maine and Arcadia National Park.

A bit early in the season, yes, but the extra day afforded by Good Friday was too much to pass up, making the three day weekend into an easy 5 day vacation.

We were going to take a train, but decided that driving would give us more flexibility.

I'm a bit disappointed to be skipping train travel, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

What I can't wait for is 5 days of hiking, canoeing and seeing a state I've never visited before.

To Maine!

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Beth said...

Sounds lovely.
I hope you are bringing your camera as I'd love to see some pictures of your trip!

Enjoy it!