Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Knitting

This spring has been incredibly busy, but I try to make time to continue to knit (and even sew) some.

My Film Fest project is almost completed - I had some issues seaming the top to the bottom using a 3 needle bind off - I've had to rip it out TWICE. Once for bad counting and again for a misplaced center stitch marker...

This is it before I realized my centers were off... it looks good.
I'd like to get some grosgrain ribbon in the same color for the straps.
AND I just purchased a blue and white seersucker straight skirt that's perfect to wear with it.

Here is the Honeycomb sweater on opening night of the Film Fest - I accidentally unvented puffed sleeves by trying to knit the sleeves from the armscye using short rows. But the puff seems to work for cool spring days - I think I will redo for fall wear.

Boy, I forgot how totally geeked I get when I return to work the Film Fest each year... (nerd)

I started a mindless project (that looks amazingly cool) with some yarn destashed from my good friend Laura.
I love the way the grays undulate in the spiral and how I barely have to think about it at all when I'm catching up on Mad Men or Masterpiece Theater online.

Believe it or not, there's more - a scarf for a friend, a pair of knee socks and I started a skirt from the antique quilt top scraps I have.

I seem to have a wicked case of start-itis, so I think a de-Work-In-Progress- off is in my future...

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