Friday, August 8, 2008


The most beautiful house I've ever seen.

Great backstory, too.


Anonymous said...

I was just married at the house on the rocks and plan on visiting there on my 25th wedding anniversary. If this house is jinxed for marriages,it certainly is not because of the house!! Most churches ,chapels, homes etc,must be jinxed as well considering the divorce rate!!!
It was fairy tale wedding and a most beautiful location. CLINGSTONE LIVES FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS............

sarah said...

Congratulations! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to gather friends and family for a celebration! I think it must be fun to get everyone out by boat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Most of our guests felt like celebrities arriving by boat.
The place is very enchanting.We were very blessed to be able to to have use of the place. Our thanks to Henry Wood and Clement Napolitano, owner of Jamestown Boat Yard.Who made it all possible.