Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bringing calm

I went to visit my friend and the new baby today.
It was a good thing - well-timed for both sides.
I needed a calm couple of hours and wordless human connection.
That is exactly what a baby can offer - especially someone else's baby.

K is doing well, but still experiencing the huge challenge of being a new mother who's just had surgery.
Everything physical hurts, everything mental is new and emotions are a roller coaster.
Luckily the Little Man is very charming and totally worth her (and everyone else's) efforts.

It was nice, I got to spend time with them while they were both awake, and then she took a nap and I hung out with the Little Man. He eventually succumbed to the warmth of a lap and the sound of a heartbeat and fell asleep.

L (the father) asked if he could go for a walk, and returned amazed that there was life outside of the four walls of the nursery.
I never knew how challenging those first weeks are for new parents, and I give them credit for standing upright at all.

I used the hours to sit quietly and think (he really is a good sleeper), which is something I never let myself do. So it was a symbiotic visit: I got to give myself the gift of a quiet afternoon and they were free to eat and shower and sleep, at least for a little while.

My mother asked with much anticipation if, following in K's footsteps, I was feeling more maternal.
"Not really."

But I do feel alot more connected and calm for the experience.

Thanks, Little Man.

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