Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finished (and unfinished) Woolly Goodness

The LuniSolar legwarmers are getting there. But they've taken a backseat to a few other projects.

Like this hat.

A note on the silhouettes - the couple on the left are my grandparents, and the toddler on the right is yours truly.

How lovely is this hat? It looks delightful with the green trench coat I wear in spring.

I recently finished the colorwork turtleneck.

As a result, I'm increasingly grateful to designers for thinking out nitsy details like sleeve and neck circumference. These are the things that caught me off guard, since this project was the knitting equivalent to a solo jam-session.

I haven't taken it off since I finished it last week....

And why should I? It looks awesome.

Since I don't feel right unless there's a sweater on the needles, I started this modular sweater. Each pentagon is created separately, and knit from the outside in.

Someone at knitting made the comment that it was like book chapters, creating a natural place to stop at the end of an evening. I agree, but it still doesn't keep me from knitting past my bedtime.

It probably doesn't make sense to show it laid out like this, but it's a sweater, I swear.


Laura said...

Oooooh, so much awesomeness! I am going over to your Rav page right now, as I must know more details about that modular sweater. Supercool.

Anonymous said...

love the hat! and the sweater came out lovely too!