Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Foster Yarn

Last fall (was it that long ago???), my dear friend Laura shared the sadness that is The Color of Disappointment.
That is to say - when good yarn clashes with your skin tone (how dreadful!)

As you can see in her post, she did not care to frog the yarn, but was happy to hand it over to me if I cared to make something of it.

A short 9 months later I present...
Summer Spring Forward Socks in progress!

Hello my pretties...

My mods include working them toe-up and two-at-a-time.
Together these these techniques make me a happy girl because
a) toe up means I can knit until the yarn runs out, instead of guessing at the length for the leg portion - it feels like I'm able to squeeze every bit of yarny goodness out of a good skein that way.
b) two-at-a-time avoids second sock syndrome, which I can see would be a dreadful handicap for me - I'd have to remove a foot, or take to wearing mismatched socks.

Won't you look good in a Mary Jane flat...


Laura said...

Yes, yes, yes. They will look lovely in a Mary Jane flat. Much much much better as socks than a cowl. Hooray!

sarah said...

Hurray for socks! And hurray for introducing me to Koigu! A bit splitty at times, but otherwise delicious.