Monday, March 16, 2009


This past weekend was one of those spectacular weekends that make you happy to Be.

Friday evening I met a friend and went for a brisk walk around Shaker Lakes, enjoying the extra light at the end of the day and taking advantage of house-sitting on the east side. I spent the evening teaching myself how to knit a pair of knee socks from the toe up, 2 at a time.

Saturday I drove to Lorain to get the paperwork dealt with for the Javelin, the title is now in my name and I secured the license plate for the trailer.
While my parents were off looking at model trains in Cleveland, I was in their backyard on a ladder trimming back the grapevines on the arbor, cleaning leaves out of the gutters and generally tidying up the backyard for spring.

I got a call while I was on the ladder and fighting a particularly difficult bit of vine. I described my current status as "Manifesting my dominance over nature." - I was immediately smacked in the face by the vine who let me know, in no uncertain terms, that regardless of my shears, I was not the one in control. Even wrapping up the vines into neat and tidy bundles with twine was highly satisfying and put a spring into my step.

A walk to Lakeview Beach was lovely, but after I happened upon a half a deer washed up on shore, I decided to head back to Cleveland as I did not care to be reminded that not everything revealed by the thaw is charming.

I stopped at two knit shops on my way back - considered the materials and practiced enough self-control to not buy anything new.

I ended my day at Laura-friend's, knitting and eating sushi - and doing my best not to reveal that her upcoming birthday trip to "Chicago" was actually going to be a trip to Paris... she knows now, so I can stop fidgeting. I left with oodles more de-stashed yarn and the idea to stripe my socks - which means I'm now working with 4 balls of yarn on 1 pair of needles.

Sunday was going to be a trip out to my uncle's to get the boat and clean it - but the earth is too spongy yet, so I stayed in town and left ruts unmade.

I made my way to the Physicist's where we played in the garden - clearing leaves and thinning out aggressive lilies - stopping, of course, for a bit of tea while we admired the work.

A trip to the garden center proved that we were too early in the season, so it evolved into a trip to Borders and then early dinner/late lunch. Back to wash cars of the salt crust that built up over the winter before it became too chilly or dark to stay outdoors. That turned into using the power-washer to clear the driveway, walks and rinse the windows - I hate to simply watch someone else work, so I started in on clearing the front beds.

The day ended with a film of short films, "Paris, Je'taim," tea and a slice of cheesecake.

What can I say - God's in his heaven and all's right with the world.

Coming from an agnostic, that means alot...

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Beth said...

Sounds lovely.
Just lovely.

Wishing you more weekends just the same.