Sunday, February 22, 2009

New art!!!

Friday night I went to see the live action Oscar shorts at the Cedar Lee.
On my way back to the car, I stopped into HeightsArts where I found THIS...

Love Love Love this.
Love it.

In 2002 I was doing an internship in the conservation lab at the art museum and they were just accessioning this piece by the same artist, Brent Kee Young - from his fossil series.

Now, I've searched a bit and realized I am not currently of the budget to purchase one of those, but my piece... it was a splurge, but I feel I have now checked off each of the local artists I wanted represented in my collection.

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Lori on Little Traverse Bay said...

His work is fabulous! Discovered it at the Ann Arbor Art Show years ago. Don't have any pieces, but definitely worthy of collecting and enjoying. Congrats on your acquisition!