Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall knitting

I've been knitting up a storm since I finished the Apple-picking cardie.

The "Gonna Turn My Swing State Blue" sweater vest - finished on Nov. 4 and worn to celebrate Nov. 5. I believe that good juju goes into things that are made by hand, so this was my small effort towards change.

I want to get started on this Snapping Turtle skirt - so I swatched it out - love the handspun and hope it will look half as good as the one in the link...

Loving the blue vest (and loving snugglie vests in general), I frogged the way-too-big grey vest from last Christmas and decided to stripe it up at the bustline...

It's further along now - mostly done actually, but I'm avoiding weaving in the ends by posting. Too lazy to photograph it, even.
I need hot chocolate now.

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