Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moments of absolute contentment

I didn't even know this was possible, and yet there it was.

On Sunday, January 10, 2010, the Physicist and I were driving back to IL after a day's adventure in Madison, WI. There was lunch at a great veg cafe, sub-zero walking along State Street, tentative steps out onto the frozen lake, shopping at Willy Street Co-Op and thawing out at the Olbrich Botanical Garden conservatory.

We were making our way back - I was knitting and listening to Zoe Keating - there were wide expanses of white glistening snow and the sky was that perfect winter blue.

I couldn't help but feel perfectly content, not just in an instant, but in that expended way that allows it to deepen and take root throughout your whole self.

There was nothing I needed, nowhere else I wanted to be.

I've had glimpses of that, but never an extended time - my distractible nature makes sure of that.

But not this time - this time I got an hour or so.

The spell was broken when thoughts of packing and planes got in the way, but I look forward to welcoming more of these moments into my life.

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