Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first knit design!

In honor of his birthday, I decided to knit something for the Physicist.

A scary proposition since there is a bit of lore warning against knitting for your sweetie. I rarely give creed to such bits of irrationality (ok, I pick and choose - highly irrational, isn't it).

Anyway, the Sweater Curse.

But I did the math: our time together + his birthday = it's ok to make a hat.

But it had to be the perfect hat.

A nod to science whilst being abstract enough for aesthetics.
Electromagnetism? Wind energy?
Eventually, I landed on radio astronomy - the subject of his PhD.

It couldn't be itchy at all - and the colors had to be perfect.

I designed and knit on the fly... starting with a mini VLA.

The dome was divided into quarters - I looked long for a good image that would be translatable in knitting - I found and used this image as a foundation (adding some larger shapes to represent galaxies, nebulae, etc...). I think it worked out very well.

**********Drum roll**************

I give you, the VLA Hat!

In progress... (look at all those happy radio telescopes gathering emissions...)


View from the top...

And to personalize it, I added his initials and year...

I gave it to him last night and it was truly well-received.



Beth said...

Truly beautiful work! I haven't knitted since last spring and you may have just got my fingers itching to take it up again!

Diane Rodriguez said...

Your hat is awesome! I just came back from New Mexico--the trip, including a long wished-for visit to the VLA was my husband's Xmas gift to me. I hope to build my own radio telescope one day.

Is your pattern for sale? You know there is a Night Skies Knitters group on Ravelry. Are you on Ravelry? These folks would love your pattern--you could sell it from Ravelry very easily.


sarah said...

Thanks Diane, I AM on Ravelry - as phmatters - and no, won't likely sell it. I used "They might be pirates" as a base and replaced my pattern with theirs. But I have been meaning to get it down in an excel spreadsheet to post there for free.

I have always been smitten with the VLA and Socorro. It was a days drive from Phoenix, but I never did make it there - no one would go with(!).

Someday I'll get there... and I will be sure to get the hat back and wear it.

Thanks for the note!